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The latest movie reviews and what is currently playing at the cinemas in Pattaya, Thailand. Updated weekly.

Ministry of Public Health clarifies on food and drink in cinema- It was only...

Bangkok- In a statement today by the Ministry of Public Health responding to questions from the Thai press over eating and drinking in cinemas the Ministry backpedaled slightly on their original rule after public feed...

National Geographic making documentary on Cave rescue in Thailand

BANGKOK — After its adrenaline-filled entry won the Oscar for Best Documentary, National Geographic has begun production on a new feature about the foreign rescue divers whose perilous operation saved 13 trapped in a...

The Predator goes for a ride on his Xenomorph skeleton Bike in Thailand (Video)

Thailand- In just another day in Thailand motorists and daily commuters were shocked this week when the Predator, complete with a Xenomorph custom motorcycle made from the remains of his enemies, went for an afternoon...

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