Artificial Intelligence Policy

Ethical AI Use Policy for TPN Media


At TPN Media, we are committed to the ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure that our news reporting remains trustworthy, unbiased, neutral, fact-checked, timely, and respectful of human dignity. The following policy outlines our principles and practices for the responsible use of AI technologies.


1. Transparency: We will clearly disclose the use of AI in our content creation and data analysis processes. AI may be used for basic grammar, sentence structure, and spelling corrections without disclosure, but any content fully created by AI would be disclosed.
2. Accountability: We accept responsibility for the outcomes of our AI systems and will rectify any issues promptly.
3. Fairness: Our AI tools will be designed to avoid discrimination and bias, ensuring fair representation of all communities.
4. Privacy: We will protect the personal data of our users and sources, using AI in a way that respects their privacy and confidentiality.
5. Integrity: AI will not be used to create misleading or false content. All AI-generated content will be fact-checked and reviewed by human editors.


1. Content Creation: AI may assist in drafting and editing articles, but final editorial control remains with human journalists who will review and personally edit every single article. AI will not be used to fully generate articles without human input and AI will not be used to rewrite, copy, or aggregate other companies content. AI may be used to help with advertorial content and for the idea creation process, such as headlines or to give analytical data.
2. Data Analysis: AI will be used to analyze data for journalistic purposes, ensuring that the interpretation of data is accurate and ethical.
3. User Interaction: AI may be used to manage user comments and feedback, but it will not replace human judgment in sensitive matters. AI will be used to help generate translation and language options, as well as search integration options for the website to make searching more intuitive.
4. Advertising: AI-driven targeted advertising will be conducted with respect for user privacy and without compromising editorial independence. Our third party advertising partners may also use AI for their advertising and marketing programs, their policies may differ from ours, they can be seen at the respective third party partner website, such as Taboola, Google, etc.
5. Continuous Learning: We will regularly review and update our AI systems and policies to align with evolving ethical standards and societal expectations.

Compliance and Oversight

A dedicated AI Ethics Board overseen by the owners of TPN Media will oversee the implementation of this policy, ensuring compliance with legal standards and ethical best practices. Regular audits will be conducted to assess the impact of our AI systems on society and individual rights.


At TPN Media, we believe that AI can be a force for good in journalism, enhancing our ability to inform, engage, and empower our audience. We pledge to use AI responsibly, upholding the highest standards of ethics and respect for human values.

We also pledge to use AI as a tool, like dictionaries, calculators, or spell checkers, and work WITH AI, but not have AI work FOR us, using this exciting newer technology to ensure more accurate work and to continue to deliver quality, original, fact-checked, non-aggregated news.

TPN Media, April 2024

Disclosure: AI was used to help set up the template for this article and as an example of AI usage. This policy was then fully reviewed, expanded, fact-checked, and edited by humans. This disclosure also serves as an example of what one may see on AI material on our platforms.