We are The Pattaya News.com, A professionally run news website focused on local news based in Pattaya, Thailand. We founded in December 2017 as a small team of expats and Thai nationals who want to bring unbiased, informative, in the moment and impactful news with a consistent follow-up to the Pattaya area. We will continue to be expanding over the 2018 year and will be building our team further and improving our quality and presence on a daily basis. Advertisers and individuals interested in a potential job with us can contact us at [email protected]

Our founders are long-time residents in the Pattaya area with over a decade of experience in the Pattaya market and living in Thailand. They are focused on delivering a premium experience and the best news website for Pattaya.

We have also founded and run Thepattayanews.net, a Thai language version of The Pattaya News. We are focused on local information for Pattaya, REAL news, not a clickbait website or one trying to sell you products in the guise of News.

Our Primary contact is through e-mail or Facebook, however for direct and Pressing news or inquiries you can reach out to Mr. Bank Konba, our Primary editor. Our owner, Ms. Punnipa Flowers, can be reached through our email or direct messaging The Pattaya news Facebook page.