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We are the fastest growing news source in Pattaya and have built a brand for getting the local and regional news that YOU care about first. We have over 230,000 readers on the Thai side of the news and nearly 20,000 on the English side. All of these are actually local and regional residents and frequent visitors. We focus only on the news important to those in the city. We are not a media company, we are focused on supporting our local community and delivering unbiased and factual news articles about what is happening in the city.

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We can also do custom advertorials, videos, promote your events, anything that you wish or need!

Ad Sets Available

Top Banner Ads (At the top of each article)

Header Banner (At the top of the main website)
(728 x 90)
Up to 5X GIF rotation

25000 thb per month

Under Featured Image Article Pages
(698 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

Middle of Article
( 698 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

End of Article Pages
(698 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

(728 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

Sidebar Top Home Page
(300 x 250)
15000 thb per month

Sidebar Article Pages
10000 thb per month per spot


5000 THB for each advertorial, professionally written by us and posted on all of our web sites and social media feeds on a regular basis.

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Bank-0806043295 (Thai)

English Contact-(Advertising only) 0994919785