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Would you like us to promote or attend your event or upcoming function in our local market? Would you like our video team to film your event and publish it on the news?

Would you like us to write a custom advertorial or video for your business?

Would you like to have banners or advertising right on our website or videos and reach hundreds of thousands of viewers every month in the Pattaya area?

Would you like us to talk about your business on our daily Youtube, Tiktok and Facebook Watch videos in English or Thai and promote it?

We would love to hear from you!

We would be delighted to discuss with you your individual needs and discuss total cost either through email at [email protected] or through our Facebook messenger. We can also arrange to meet in person and have both Thai and Foreign staff that can speak to you in your language.

Different packages are available based on the type of promotion, banner, article, event sponsorship or overall digital advertising. Negotiation is welcome and available. A partial list is below.

Reach out to us today and get your event or business covered by us!

We are the fastest-growing news source in Pattaya and have built a brand for getting the local and regional news that YOU care about first. We have over 380,000 readers on the Thai side of the news and around 140,000 as of September, 2020 on the English side. All of these are actual local and regional residents and frequent visitors. Our combined websites average hundreds of thousands of viewers monthly, we are happy to show the data in-person to interested advertisers.

We also have a daily newsletter that reaches as of September 2020, about 6000 mostly local residents daily and an alert system for every article published that currently reaches around 13,000 people and growing.

We focus only on the news important to those in the city.  We are focused on supporting our local community and delivering unbiased and factual news articles about what is happening in the city. We also have a media side, Pattaya Unplugged, where we can list and promote your business here:

To get a quote and the best plan of action to promote your business please fill in the form, we can find the best solution for you.

For a monthly fee, we can promote you on our FB page, FB group, website, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Tumblr, Parler, Instagram, Pinterest and LINE.

Disclaimer: We do not accept advertising requests for services that are illegal in Thailand, such as gambling, over the internet pharmacy style requests, alcohol or tobacco or adult entertainment services. We also do not accept advertising from political based entities. We are not interested in SEO solicitation services.


We have a group called “The Pattaya News Discussion and Social Group” which is growing very fast and has 8000 plus members (August 22, 2020)

Check out our latest Facebook and websites stats as of 12th of May 2020.  (was a decrease in traffic due to a previous spike from some covid news)

The prices below are negotiable, don’t hesitate to speak to us. We have a full rate card for long term contracts and partnerships, please e-mail us at [email protected] for more information.

We can also do custom advertorials, videos, promote your events, anything that you wish or need! Finally, we also have contract deals available with discounts for longer term deals. First, here is a look at our basic rate card. Keep in mind we offer one off event, video and advertorials for much cheaper, keep scrolling down the page.

Basic rate card for regular advertising


Ad Sets Available, August-October 2020

Advertorials/Business Features/Listings on our social media:

3000 THB for each advertorial, professionally written by us (or you, if you prefer) and posted on all of our web sites and social media feeds, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flipboard on a regular basis. Contact us for what you are looking for in terms of length of article and sharing, links, context, etc. This includes a permanent listing on 

This price includes multiple shares on our social media pages for a 30 day period, which include The Pattaya News English and Thai pages, Pattaya Unplugged as well as our Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flipboard and Youtube if applicable. Contract advertorials are on the rate card above.

Get your message out there and contact us today by email at [email protected], message us on Facebook at or call our primary news editors below:

Bank-0806043295 (Thai)

Adam-English Contact-0994919785

Would you like us to attend or promote your event?

5000 baht for event promotion for 30 days/one month. (This includes creating an event on our social media pages, creating or sharing your flyer for your event on a regular basis to our readers, discussing the event on our daily English and Thai Youtube, Facebook and Tiktok videos and an advertorial for the event on our news and Pattaya Unplugged pages in English and Thai.)

Attendance at your event, filming custom videos, hosting the event can be provided as well, please call or e-mail directly for questions as prices may differ depending on the size of the event and service requested. We are happy to do professional videos at low cost!

Would you like banners or advertisements directly on our website? See our listings below. We also offer packages and long term promotions, see the rate cards above. As of August 2020, limited banner ads are available, however open to discussion. The prices below are for individual months, we offer much cheaper contracts as seen on the rate card above.


Header Banner (At the top of the main website)
(728 x 90)
Up to 5X GIF rotation

25000 thb per month (negotiable)

Top Banner Ads (At the top of each article)

Under Featured Image Article Pages
(698 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
5000 thb per month

Middle of Article
( 698 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
5000 thb per month

End of Article Pages
(698 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
5000 thb per month

(728 x 90)
5X rotation GIF
10000 thb per month

Sidebar Top Home Page
(300 x 250)
15000 thb per month

Sidebar ALL Article Pages
10000 thb per month per spot

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Bank-0806043295 (Thai)


English Contact-Adam (Advertising only) 0994919785

Or, email us at [email protected] or send a direct message to us on our Facebook here: