Reader Talkback Thailand Results: What, if anything, should be done about the crowds and encroachment on the extended new Jomtien Beach?

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Last week, we asked you the following:

What, if anything, should be done about the crowds and encroachment on the extended new Jomtien Beach?

Some context around this question:

THIS article explains the situation well. As a note, the Na Jomtien municipality officially banned vendors and the popup markets, as seen here, which takes effect today. It remains to be seen if hundreds of angry vendors who protested will comply or if the rules will be enforced. Na Jomtien officials say they will find future compromises, but for now, the sprawling markets must end to restore order.

You can learn more about a local resident’s thoughts on vendors’ encroachment here.

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Obviously, we can’t post everyone’s opinion here so selected a variety of the most diverse opinions. As always, the opinions and statements below are the reader’s own and may not reflect those of TPN media. There have been minor edits for spelling and grammar only:


Neil V-I have a friend with a “Fully Legal” Bar in rented premises facing the sea near the bottom of Soi Chayapruk. Since the beach widening his expat customers have stopped coming at weekends as it’s impossible to drive to the seafront. He thinks it will put him out of business soon. I wonder how many other rent-paying businesses on the seafront will now go the same way!


Knut J-This is a problem that can not be solved overnight. I live down here, so I see the problem up close. From just being an empty huge newly built beach to becoming an extremely popular area, especially for Thai people, it has only been a few months. The traffic problems are huge down here. After 18:00 it starts. It is completely impassable. On the weekends it is obviously worst, and on long weekends it is complete chaos. Authorities MUST do something. Expand the road, create large parking spaces and create spaces for food vendors. But this will take time, yes, if it will happen at all. In the meantime, I see no other solution than to turn the road into a one-way drive from Chayaprueck from 18:00. Even then, I think it will be problematic, because we know the Thais so well that we know that when the road lane becomes vacant, more food vendors will show up and take advantage of that space, in addition to parking cars. And regarding one-way driving. For Thai people, it is strictly two-way driving anyway.


Andrea S-Nothing should be done, stop being control freaks, let people live FFS, there’s nothing wrong to go to the beach and consume some food with friends. Let people live.


Robert W-

It’s brilliant – lovely atmosphere, cool vibes – my family love it, me too
The congestion I am sure will ease as the project grows along the beach
Ian W-

I visited this and think it’s great.
Wonderful to sit and relax and have plenty of food right nearby
Pattaya POV-It just needs better and more toilet facilities.. if you need to go, better to plan ahead
Chris S-

It’s making jobs and opportunities after years of no work.
Let people live
Ken K-What in the world was the beach extended for? The sand was added to the beach so people could use it. So, what is the problem?
Simmi G-Typical Thai business plan swamp the market, with goods or services then wonder why they are not making as much money, they don’t quite understand the concept of supply and demand ….. in this case, it’s beach space ……..
Jimmy S-People walk around selling food and people come to clean when it’s all over. Let them have their fun that’s what a beach is for
Glenn S-I understood the beach was widened to allow for it to be a place for people to gather and enjoy.
Shaun S-

Walk there most nights, it’s good to see so many people enjoying themselves every day with friends and family.
I think they need to do something about traffic as it’s gridlocked on both sides. Big buses are now bringing people to enjoy it on their trips which makes the traffic worse. Some Vendors are also setting up their stalls on the beach.
If you walk there in the morning the litter from the night before is unbelievable.
Lavinia-We run along the beach road most evenings and it’s a beautiful beach and with the new improvements to the sand being extended, there will be plenty of room, even with the chair vendors, food vendors, and sellers of goods, they may need to re-print the parking zone lines to help people see where you can or can’t park, but generally Jotiemn along with Dongtan beach it’s a nice place to be.
John C-When the storm hits, all traffic and vendors ran north add a garbage truck who was heading south, cars parking on one or both sides…bang….massive jam without any planning
Kyle R-I live here, near Bu Bpen restaurant. It is an absolute nightmare for local residents. I understand the area is popular. I understand people really enjoy it. I understand people wanting to make a living. But I agree with banning the vendors and then looking at infrastructure to the area, and then perhaps reaching a compromise. A large empty beach with no shade or vendors or seating will be unpopular with Thais, but the current situation is horrific for thousands of residents and legitimate businesses in the area. Add parking, add toilets, add more trash receptacles, study traffic flow and come up with alternatives, and then perhaps try this experiment again in a controlled area.


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