Reader Talkback: Should foreigners involve themselves in Thai political protests?

 In a new feature designed to start discussion and encourage healthy debate once a week The Pattaya News will select a topic that we would like to see readers comment on and hear YOUR...

Editorial Opinion: When did the words “foreign tourists” become a dirty word in Thailand?

The following is an opinion editorial. The statements inside are those of the author and may not reflect those of the entire Pattaya News Company Limited.When did the...

The Pattaya News goes national, launching our national Thailand website at TPNnational.com

The Pattaya News has exciting news for us and our regular readers.We have as of this month soft launched our new national Thailand news website at www.tpnnational.com.

Feature: What to look for in the upcoming week in Thailand in the news

Thailand- The following is a new weekly feature that will take place every week, giving a look at “the week ahead” in news and things to keep an eye on. Unlike our local and national...

Editorial: Thailand should, once again, allow a path for those foreigners on “amnesty grace...

Time is ticking quickly. The date of September 26th, which is when the Visa Amnesty, or "grace period" that many foreigners in Thailand are on is approaching quickly and despite some encouraging signs...

Feature Spotlight: The top five most important local stories in Pattaya for last week

 The following is a weekly feature, published every Sunday/Monday that highlight the top five LOCAL stories in Pattaya as chosen by our editorial team for the prior week. The stories are in no particular...

Pattaya week in review spotlight: A look at the top five local stories from...

 The following is a new feature at the Pattaya News where once a week we take a look at the prior weeks top stories, events and things that you should know in Pattaya, Thailand....

Fact Check: Are travel bubbles starting in Phuket next month with foreign tourists?

Fact Check-One of our most popular regular features here at The Pattaya News, which is devoted to factual, unbiased, neutral and timely information is our Fact Check where we look at various claims from...

Fact Check: Is Thailand closed to all foreign tourists until 2021?

 Recently in many Thai and Foreign media has been a headline that has stated, usually in bold letters with catchy titles, that Foreign tourists are banned from Thailand until 2021 or a similar statement....

The Pattaya News is now testing translation of multiple languages-we need your feedback

A letter from The Pattaya News Editorial Team-We here at the Pattaya News are always trying to improve and be the best local and regional source for news here in the Eastern Thailand region....

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