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Heavy rain and thunderstorms forecast for most of Thailand, including Pattaya area

Thailand-The Thai Meteorological Department has forecast that more rain is on the way across most of the country this morning. Driven by a Southwest monsoon over the Andaman sea and a low pressure cell...

Rare partial solar eclipse this Sunday afternoon will be visible throughout Thailand

Thailand-This Sunday afternoon will bring a very rare partial solar eclipse visible throughout Thailand, including Pattaya.The event should begin...

The rain isn’t over yet, warns Thai Meteorological Department

Bangkok-The Thai Meteorological Department has updated their weather forecast for today, following a day of consistent and steady rainfall throughout the Pattaya area yesterday.

Thai Meteorological Department forecasts another very rainy day for Pattaya, most of Thailand

Pattaya-The Thai Meteorological Department, or TMD, has forecast another very rainy day for Thailand today following several days of rain.

More rain likely on the way for Pattaya area, says Thai Meteorological Department

Thailand-The Thai Meteorological Department, TMD, has updated their daily weather warnings, cautioning that substantial heavy rain is still expected for large parts of Thailand today.