Thai Meteorological Department Warns of Heat Wave and Summer Storms in Upper Thailand


On April 9th, 2024, the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) announced that a heat wave was currently occurring in the upper part of Thailand until April 11th, 2024. A cold air mass from China would descend to cover northeastern Thailand and the South China Sea, said the TMD.

Meanwhile, the upper part of Thailand would experience hot to scorching weather in general. Additionally, from April 9th to the 11th, there would be westward wind waves passing through Myanmar and upper northern Thailand.

This weather pattern would result in a summer storm in the upper parts of Thailand, characterized by thunderstorms, strong gusts, and localized hailstorms. Lightning strikes might occur in some areas.

The impact would initially be felt in the northeastern region, with other regions experiencing the late effects.

It was advised for citizens in these areas to be cautious of the danger of the summer storms. Citizens should avoid being outdoors, under large trees, within weak structures, and non-sturdy buildings.

As for agriculturists, they were also advised to prepare and take precautions to protect their agricultural produce and livestock from potential damage.

Air pollution PM 2.5: In the northern, northeastern, and central regions, there was a moderate to high accumulation of dust particles and smoke due to the weak prevailing winds in those areas.

Fortunately, with Songkran beginning across Thailand, cold water from water fights would help cool people down in many areas.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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