Homeless person caught on CCTV setting a fire for no apparent reason in mobile phone shop in Pattaya


A woman believed to be homeless and in her forties was caught on CCTV breaking into a closed mobile phone shop last night and setting a fire for no apparent reason, according to the shop owner.

The shop is located on Pattaya Klang 5. The owner, however, had been in the building until about 9:00 PM last night then went home.

The owner, Mr. Thanawat Thiang, 51, said he received a call from a neighbor near 10:00 PM that there had been a small fire in his shop. The neighbor had gone in and helped put it out.

Thanawat returned to the shop and reviewed CCTV to discover the footage which seemed to show a woman lighting a box on fire and staring at it for no apparent reason. He does not the woman. Police stated they believe the woman is homeless and are looking into the issue. She fled shortly after setting the fire.

The Pattaya News notes this is only the latest in what is becoming regular incidents and petty theft issues with the rising homeless population in Pattaya. Due to the Covid19 pandemic and closed borders to international tourists, the homeless population has risen significantly. See below for some of the other issues recently.




This incident also follows two fires breaking out in Pattaya earlier this week, one which officials are still not sure how it started.

Mr. Thanawat hopes police take the issue seriously and catch the woman.

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