Pattaya couple stunned after a homeless person eats their ice-cream while recording on video – VIDEO


A couple was stunned after a homeless woman ate their Bingsu ice cream while they were recording a video in South Pattaya.

The video was posted on a personal Facebook, click HERE.

The couple who posted the video yesterday are Ms. Pat, 29 and Nam, 26. They told The Pattaya News that they were eating Bingsu at a restaurant in South Pattaya.

An intoxicated woman wearing only a bra and trousers immediately approached and ate their Bingsu and then walked away without saying a word while they were taking a video. The couple was stunned.

The couple said they know that the intoxicated woman is a homeless person. They have also asked officials to continue work on solving homeless problems in the area as the number of homeless have greatly increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, this week Pattaya City officials along with Chonburi Homeless Protection Center associates located and invited thirty two homeless people to take free shelter in response to recent reports of the increasing homeless problem in Pattaya highlighted on local Pattaya media.

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