UPDATE: Pattaya Woman Finally Admits to Stealing Chinese Tourist’s Credit Card

Pattaya —

A Thai woman finally admitted to stealing a credit card from a Chinese tourist to buy gold chains. She previously accused the tourist of attempting to rape her in Pattaya.

First our previous story:

A Thai woman denied stealing a credit card from a Chinese tourist in Pattaya to buy gold chains. The woman alleged she instead almost got raped by the tourist.

Now for our update:

The Chinese victim, Mr. Mu Dihui Wu Dihui, 33, reported the theft of his credit card to Banglamung police, saying a Thai woman, later identified only as Ms. Darinrat (family name withheld), stole a credit card from him when they met in Pattaya to buy gold chains.

The victim and Ms. Darinrat met on a dating app. The two took a trip to Pattaya together and rented a room in Soi Khao Talo. However, Mr. Mu stated that while he was resting in the room, he received SMS notifications indicating unauthorized transactions totaling 32,815 baht. He later learned that Ms. Darinrat secretly took his credit card to purchase gold necklaces at a gold shop. The woman subsequently disappeared.

After the incident went viral on social media, Ms. Darinrat, 31, came out to refute the accusations. She claimed that she was the victim, and Mr. Mu told her to buy gold chains and exchanged it for cash for him. She alleged she gave him all the money after exchanging the jewelry. The woman even went as far as accuse the Chinese man of attempting to rape her.

Following a thorough investigation, Pol. Lt. Col. Kornphong Sukwisit, Deputy Superintendent of the Banglamung Police Station, issued an arrest warrant for Ms. Darinrat for charges of theft of another person’s credit card and using it in a way that may cause harm to the cardholder or the public.

Pol. Lt. Col. Kornphong revealed that Ms. Darinrat eventually confessed to stealing the credit card from Mr. Mu and using it to buy gold. She apologized for her actions and false accusations.


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