UPDATE: Pattaya Woman Denies Stealing Chinese Tourist’s Credit Card

Pattaya —

A Thai woman denied stealing a credit card from a Chinese tourist in Pattaya to buy gold chains. The woman alleged she instead almost got raped by the tourist.

First our previous story:

A Chinese tourist alleged that a Thai woman in Pattaya stole his credit card and used it to purchase gold jewelry before she later disappeared.

Now for our update:

On March 21st, 2024, Ms. B (pseudonym) complained to the Facebook page Sai Mai Tong Rod to counter a claim made by Chinese tourist Mr. Mu Dihui Wu Dihui, 33, that she stole the tourist’s credit card to buy gold jewelry and then ran away.

Ms. B’s version of events totally differed from Mr. Mu Dihui’s. She stated that the Chinese tourist actually gave her the credit card to purchase gold, and she then exchanged it for cash at the gold shop. Ms. B claimed she gave all the money back to Mr. Mu Dihui, however, Mr. Mu Dihui allegedly attempted to rape her. This forced her to escape and seek help from a nearby motorcycle taxi driver.

Mr. Nid, the motorcycle taxi driver, told the media that Ms. B appeared distressed when she approached him. She stated that Mr. Mu Dihui had taken her phone and was trying to intimidate her. Mr. Nid then assisted Ms. B in purchasing a new phone before she left for Bangkok without filing a police report.

Ms. B maintained her innocence regarding the theft accusation. She only contacted the Facebook page Sai Mai Tong Rod after learning about the tourist’s online accusations and the social media frenzy about her story.

Ms. B and Mr. Mu Dihui subsequently met at the Banglamung Police Station, where they denied each other’s accusations. Mr. Mu Dihui vehemently denied the rape allegations, stating that he met Ms. B online and was disappointed that she did not resemble her profile picture.

Due to inconsistencies in both parties’ accounts, Banglamung police are conducting further investigations, including reviewing CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses. Authorities assured a fair and just resolution for both parties.


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