Reader Talkback Results: Do You Think High Season 2023 Will Be Successful in Pattaya?

The following is our regular feature: We ask our community a question and roughly a week later highlight diverse responses and opinions to that question.

Earlier this month, we asked our readers the following:

Do You Think High Season 2023 Will Be Successful in Pattaya?

We selected several diverse opinions and responses here. We note that these are the opinions and thoughts of readers and may not necessarily reflect those of Pattaya News Company Limited.

Let’s see what you had to say:

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=- Tom S: Busy in the usual mongering areas, Buakhao, LK, Tree Town. But sparse, thinly dispersed & scantly in short supply in the majority of other Pattaya areas. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Glenn B-Depending on the prices of flights many who normally come here for dental, breast implants, and other cheaper surgeries now go to Turkey, same with a lot of the 2 wk millionaire tourists, can see the weed shop venue’s doing well has they dont need to be relying on western tourist to have good business has everyone smokes weed from all other Asia.. -=-=-=-=-=-=- Chris M-Regardless of the number of visitors the Pattaya news will report it as a resounding success -=-=-=-=-=-=- Michel C-Plane prices from Europe are much too expensive, it is cheaper to go to the USA, Caribbean, etc… -=-=-=-=-=—= Gill L-No, damn prices are still sky high like New Year’s. Gas and water prices are up. -=-=-=-=-=–=- Reece A- Asking about the high season in general, I’d say it’ll be busy enough, or very busy, but most income, and most visitors, will come from Asia. The Western nations are feeling too much stress and financial squeeze, so those numbers might be down; not that it counts for much really, anyway… -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Joee M-No! All the visa confusion and expensive unnecessary steps. Has pissed off a lot of foreigners. -=-=-=-==–=– Steven L-Will be busy in November and December -=-=-=-=-=-=- Chris S-Thailand has 100% changed, as people continue to mention, prices are much higher in supermarkets, crime rate is much higher as no police to do anything unless it’s on the media. Even in shops where shop staff was inviting and helpful, that seems to have disappeared. Traffic is horrific. Businesses are just surviving, and almost out of money, but no government support -=-=-=-=–=-=- James S-Europe is loaded with immigrants. The US is loaded with immigrants. where will you go? Yep, it is changing here like EVERYWHERE in the world, but this is still the best place to live in the world. Is it different than 1968 when I first came here or 18 years ago when I retired here, yep, but I would not want to live anywhere else, my friends all agree. go where you like, or think you will like my guess, you will be back -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Billy Billy-Chinese economy on the skids? Inflation in Europe? Russians and Ukrainians living on love? I’m thinking no. -=-=-==-=-=- Ron B-Why wouldn’t it? -=–=-=-=-=-       -==-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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