Some Pattaya Residents Concerned About Vehicles Speeding on Beach Road and Ease of Crossing

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand-

Some local Pattaya ex-pats and residents have raised concerns about cars and motorbikes speeding on Beach Road and the ease of crossing the road.

From early March Pattaya Police and City officials ended parking on the beach side of Beach Road, a move widely praised by most social media users. This allowed Beach Road to fully reopen to traffic through three lanes and minus major events like Songkran or festivals the flow of traffic has become much smoother on Beach Road.

However, this has brought a somewhat unforeseen problem….the move has made it much more difficult to cross Beach Road according to many of our readers and local residents and ex-pats.

Additionally, Pattaya City plans to expand the road even further but netizens urge the city to consider options for safely allowing pedestrians to cross the road, as due to the increased room many vehicles are taking the opportunity of less traffic to speed.

Amongst other suggestions some are fully fixing crosswalk lights, repainting them, and having traffic police man them during peak hours.

Another suggestion is strict speed limits on Pattaya Beach Road with police enforcing them religiously and making it clear that speeding on the Beach Road is unacceptable.

Other suggestions include speed bumps on Beach Road or even raised walkways, perhaps near Central Pattaya Klang, arching over the street and providing safe passage like on Sukhumvit.

One thing is for sure…as tourism increases to Pattaya and the road is set to expand even further relevant officials and agencies will need to closely consider this issue before any pedestrian gets hurt.

What do you think the solution is? Tell us in comments.

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya
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