Reader Talkback Thailand: Should smoking cannabis be allowed in licensed cannabis shops in Pattaya?

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This week, we want to ask: 

Should smoking cannabis be allowed in licensed cannabis shops in Pattaya?

Some context around this question:

Recent guidelines from the Thai Ministry of Public Health have now essentially banned smoking cannabis in all businesses, including cannabis shops and cafes. While some shops are currently being creative and have set up separate smoking rooms that are not technically in the venue, which is a grey area but technically currently legal, other venues that don’t have the space have protested the new rules.

According to business owners, banning smoking in shops only encourages customers, especially tourists, to smoke in public on beaches, at parks, at hotels that may bother other patrons, and more. They claim that if smoking is allowed at licensed cannabis shops that firmly check customer IDs and focus only on cannabis and not on other products then customers will not smoke in other areas, bothering those who don’t smoke.

Cannabis has been a hot-button issue in Thailand since it was decriminalized in June, with some politicians even wanting to ban the plant entirely again. Thailand banned smoking in shops to diminish recreational smoking, according to the Thai Ministry of Public Health, but many claim this move will backfire as people look for other places to smoke.

TPN notes that smoking in shops is allowed if under the jurisdiction and authority of a licensed medical practitioner, medical doctor, or traditional medical practitioner.

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