UPDATE: Injured female baby elephant, shot and left for dead by poachers, recovers in Pattaya after operation to remove multiple bullets

Pattaya –

An injured female baby elephant is recovering after an operation to remove more than 10 bullets, believed to have been inflicted by illegal poachers in Chanthaburi.

First, as a reference, our past articles on this topic:

An injured baby elephant, who reportedly suffered from ten bullet wounds and being stuck in a trap in Chanthaburi is now being treated in Pattaya.

Injured baby elephant, suffering from ten bullet wounds and being stuck in a trap, is now being treated in Pattaya

Now, for the update:

Veterinarian Dej Siridmarong told The Pattaya News today, “We have removed more than ten bullets from the elephant’s left leg. She is now recovering after her operation.”

“The elephant, named Fah Sai (Clear Sky), is getting better and plays with her caretakers. We feed the baby elephant with milk from a mother elephant from the Nong Nooch Gardens. We believe her natural mother, as she is a wild elephant, was possibly killed by poachers and she became stuck in a trap and was shot at least ten times while trying to escape. She is a very lucky young elephant, only a few months old, and has found a new home here at the Gardens where our elephants have quickly adopted her.”

“However, we still have to take care of Fah Sai and clean her wounds to prevent infections. She will be taken to physical therapy in the future, but is able to walk on her own now.”

Chanthaburi police have stated they are still investigating the incident that led to the discovery of the barely living baby elephant stuck in a trap and heavily wounded earlier this month, but have yet to arrest any suspects. Fah Sai will permanently stay at Nong Nooch Gardens according to Dej as she has bonded with other elephants in the park and appears to be recognizing them as her new parents.


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Goongnang Suksawat
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