Reader Talkback Results: If the situation in Thailand around Covid-19 does not improve or worsens, would you consider leaving the country?

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Last week, we asked you the following:

Reader Talkback: If the situation in Thailand around Covid-19 does not improve or worsens, would you consider leaving the country?

The question had this context:

If the current situation with Covid-19 in Thailand, seeing renewed restrictions, business closures, and other measures do not improve in the near future and other countries, such as possibly your own like the US, UK, Europe, etc. continue to improve would you consider going home, even for the short term?

We would like to hear from those who have already decided to leave (We have seen several such statements in online comments) or from those who may just go back to their home country for a vaccine or a “break” to monitor the situation. We are aware some people camped out in Thailand while the situation was worse in Western countries but if the situation continues to take a reversal, will you, or do you plan to leave? Will it be permanent or just a break or time to take the vaccine, etc?

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view.  Do you still want to chime in? Here is how:

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Ellwood:  I feel that this latest wave of the virus has exposed the myth that Thailand always had it under control. When the UK was going through the worst time, we all wondered how the Thai statistics could be so low and true. In any event, the vaccine is now saving Europe, but Thailand has hardly started, even though having had plenty of time when things were good to prepare a vaccine program. The need to go back to our homes to get a jab is now paramount for me, and many I know. This coupled with a lockdown that will be here for a long time, making Pattaya a miserable place for the foreseeable future is another reason. The stupidity of the latest government regulations is a large contributory factor as well eg. No drinking in restaurants, but OK to buy booze at Family Mart, go to the beach, and party. Wear a mask – even when on a motorbike or get fined 10,000 BHT. So we now see idiots roaring down the street wearing a mask- but no helmet! I could go on and on. All good things come to an end, and I will leave with regret and expect to possibly come back next year if things have improved by then. Cheers.

Nicolas T: I will be leaving by the end of the month. I am from the states and can get a vaccine anywhere, in fact, they reward you for doing so, and everything is opening back up or open already. They are also following science and not closing public spaces, fining people for wearing masks alone, panicking over surfaces, conducting useless temperature checks, organizing a crusade on alcohol, spraying disinfectant into the air, banning outside dining that is proven to be safe time and again, shutting down beaches, making members of the same family wear mask in vehicles, putting into place soft curfews, banning overnight takeaway at restaurants, and other useless measures that time and again science have proven was an overreaction or not effective. Hope to come back next year.

John M-After 22 years of being in Thailand for up to 8 months a year – I doubt I will return after I get my personal things from my condo – way too much paperwork with the consulate – 30 pages in all to apply for Visa – the website does not give any good directions – some of the same information 2 or 3 times – I feel so sorry for the working people of Thailand

Paul H-I Have been here many years and have been through 3 coups and a never-ending circus of corruption. I have never known utter chaos at all levels of society as at present.
Not least from the virus which is about to come roaring in via India to Bangladesh then Burma. Burma has had no functioning health system since the coup. No controls on the virus spread. Yet still, people are being smuggled over the borders. Corrupt Thai will sell out their country for a few hundred baht. I predict very dark days ahead and am currently making plans to leave.

Matthias- I’ve already left. They won’t provide financial support (a few thousand baht, hah) to anyone worth noting, will let tens of thousands of more businesses rot, yet talk about tourism but their tourism resorts like Koh Samui, Krabi, Pattaya, Phuket, are literally graveyards or falling apart. It’s a complete disaster and sadly could have been avoided.

Klaus-I am leaving at the end of the month, get a vaccination in my country, and come back when the situation gets back to a normal life.
Too many restrictions that I cannot understand, no swimming in the sea, can not sit down on the beach, restaurants closed…

David L- I am off next month. Pattaya is totally depressing now. Even when not locked down, it ain’t the same without the tourists.

James W-I will be leaving in June in order to obtain my USFDA approved covid-19 vaccine, planning on returning in August this year. If the covid-19 continues to grow out of hand (very likely with this government) then I will just wait a little longer to return.

Christer B-After 25 years I will continue to stay here with my Thai wife!!!

Esther I- This will not be a popular opinion, but I love the city as it is right now. Everything quiet, closed, clean, and relaxing. Yes, it’s bad for business, but I am speaking as a retired woman living in Thailand who rarely, if ever, went out before to any local establishments. I am staying as I have for a decade and relishing in the quiet moments as that will change when tourists return, and they will, in time.

Chris T-If you are Canadian like me it’s still better in Thailand since it is still locked down harder but the tides certainly shifted fast for Europe and especially the USA where many States are pretty much fully opened up and life is quickly returning to normal

Pattaya James-I will not leave Pattaya for any reason, ever. Been living in P-K Garden Home on 3rd Road, Soi 20 for 18 years and I love it. The neighborhood is excellent, with good restaurants nearby.

Bart-No.Have no intention of ever getting the “vaccine” and I have another 3 years on my current visa so there’s no reason for me to go anywhere. Pattaya mid-pandemic is still better than anywhere else.

Timothy R-I have no interest in mandatory Covid testing to fly and other hurdles, so I am staying put.
Roberto Z-The vaccine is gonna be mandatory if you wanna travel sooner or later. Yeah it sucks but what can one do? Might as well just get it here.
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