Reader Talkback: If the situation in Thailand around Covid-19 does not improve or worsens, would you consider leaving the country?


The following is our weekly feature in which we ask our readers a news topical question and get their insight and opinions. We then share their feedback a week later and pick a variety of diverse and interesting responses.

This week we are going to ask you:

If the current situation with Covid-19 in Thailand, seeing renewed restrictions, business closures, and other measures do not improve in the near future and other countries, such as possibly your own like the US, UK, Europe, etc. continue to improve would you consider going home, even for the short term?

We would like to hear from those who have already decided to leave (We have seen several such statements in online comments) or from those who may just go back to their home country for a vaccine or a “break” to monitor the situation. We are aware some people camped out in Thailand while the situation was worse in Western countries but if the situation continues to take a reversal, will you, or do you plan to leave? Will it be permanent or just a break or time to take the vaccine, etc?

We want to know what YOU think! We will likely be doing an editorial on this topic in the near future and the negative economic impact many expats potentially leaving could have to the current situation in Thailand.

Let us know in the comments below, on our social media like Facebook or Twitter, or mail us at we look forward to hearing from you and will publish the results next week.

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