Pattaya Japanese Association welcomes new Pattaya Police Chief

Pattaya, Thailand-

The Pattaya Japanese Association, accompanied by Pattaya News staff, welcomed the new Pattaya City Police Chief to his role over the past weekend in Pattaya.

The new Pattaya Police Chief, Col. Pisit Poonsap, entered the role in late December as we reported here, however, due to Covid-19 precautions over all of January the Chief has just started to meet more members of the Pattaya community and media. Covid-19 restrictions were relaxed for Chonburi as of February 1st and have been further relaxed for Chonburi this week.

  Mr. Kenji Fukudome from the Pattaya Japanese Association and Pattaya News Co-owner Adam Judd welcomed the Pattaya Police Chief to his role at his office in Pattaya located on Soi 9 on Saturday, February 20th, 2021.

Mr. Fukudome informed Col. Poonsap of the mission of the PJA, which amongst other things includes helping Japanese residents and tourists in the Pattaya area. The PJA is also available for translation and general assistance of all Japanese nationals in the Pattaya and Chonburi area. An example of previous assistance given can be found here when last year the PJA helped a Japanese man who had fallen on hard times during the first Covid-19 lockdown get back home.

Mr. Judd introduced himself as part of the Pattaya News team and the English language representative. Col. Poonsap had previously met members of The Pattaya News who were Thai nationals. Mr. Judd let Col. Poonsap know that they would help to deliver messages from the Pattaya Police to the English-speaking community in a fair and balanced manner.

The PJA also has a local cafe, bar, grill, and mini-mart called Tasty Cafe at the front of Unixx Condo that works with The Pattaya News. You can find more information on the PJA at the cafe here.



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