Tragic Capsizing in Trang Sea: One Casualty as Long-Tailed Boat Overturns with 14 Aboard


At 4:30 PM, on May 4th, 2024, Trang local media reported that a long-tailed boat carrying 14 individuals capsized in the Trang Sea, two kilometers away from a seaport in Sikao, Trang, resulting in one casualty.

According to a Trang local media report, the long-tailed boat had 14 individuals including 11 Thai tourists and three crew members. It was reported that everyone wore a lifejacket and floated in the sea waiting for rescue.

Fortunately, a tour speedboat witnessed the accident and reportedly rescued the victims before transporting them to the nearest port. Sikao medical teams and relevant agencies urgently transferred them to Sikao Hospital for immediate medical treatment.
However, one of the Thai tourists, publicly identified only as Mrs. Atchara, 68, was later pronounced deceased by physicians as she reportedly fell unconscious while being rescued and had sea water enter her lungs. Five other victims reportedly choked on sea water and were safely treated.
After the accident, Trang forensic officers and the Trang Regional Harbor Master planned to inspect the long-tailed boat and summon involved individuals for a thorough interrogation.
Upon a preliminary investigation, the long-tailed boat had valid legal licensing and insurance according to the government regulations.

However, the captain and two other crew members would likely still face legal proceedings as the incident was being considered a criminal offense due to taking the boat out in poor weather conditions despite proper warnings.
According to Mr. Songklod Sawangwong, Governor of Trang Province, initially, the cause of the accident might have occurred from inclement weather as the Thai Meteorological Department had previously warned about summer storms across Thailand.

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