Pattaya Business Leader Urges City to Focus More on “Quality” of Events Than “Quantity”

Pattaya —

A Pattaya businessman is calling for the city administration to prioritize the quality of events over quantity, after most recent events were not as effective as attracting international tourists like before.

Mr. Thanet Supasahatsarungsi, president of the Chonburi Tourism Association, said that Pattaya is being promoted as a major tourist destination, but the city is not organizing events that are effective in attracting tourists lately.

Mr. Thanes said that in the past, Pattaya successfully hosted major events such as the Pattaya Music Festival, the Pattaya Countdown, and the International Fireworks Festival. These events were very popular with both locals and tourists.

However, Mr. Thanes pointed out that the quality of most recent events in Pattaya has declined significantly. He explained that this was because the events are now too “fragmented” and lack the color and excitement that would attract tourists.

For example, Mr. Thanes personally viewed the latest New Year’s Eve celebrations in Pattaya as “colorless.” He also thought that the recent Pattaya Music Festival was no longer a major draw for international tourists because most of the audiences were Thais and locals in the area.

Mr. Thanes recommended that the city should refrain from frequently organizing events during the peak season, such as the long holiday and New Year’s to save on the budget. Since tourists typically prefer to visit Pattaya independently during this period anyway, the city should focus more on hosting events in the low season to stimulate the market, Mr. Thanes said.

Lastly, Mr. Thanes said that the city should keep the International Fireworks Festival on the annual tourism calendar. He said that this festival is a major draw for tourists as the last one saw hundreds of thousands of tourists.

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