Wave of Arson Attacks Strikes Pattani: 7-11 Targeted by Arsonists


On March 21st, 2024, Pattani rangers, Thai Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers (EOD), and relevant agencies inspected a reported area by locals as a suspicious object resembling an improvised explosive device was spotted in Panare, Pattani.

At the incident scene, the officers found a suspicious object resembling an improvised explosive device in a red fire extinguisher. The officers were able to disable the suspicious object safely.

The forensic officers gathered evidence at the incident scene to find a connection to hold involved individuals accountable for their crimes.

Meanwhile, at 1:00 AM, on March 22nd, Mueang Pattani police officers received reports of multi-arson crimes at convenience stores in many locations in Pattani.

A7-11 employee in Mueang, Pattani, witnessed a group of three arsonists go into the store and shoot four times to threaten the employees and commit an arson attack before fleeing from the scene.

Pattani local media reported that other 7-11 stores in Yaring and Khok Pho districts were also set aflame. Moreover, car tires on Na Pradu-Sai Khao Road and Sai Buri-Panare Road were set aflame by an unidentified number of arsonists.

The Pattani police and relevant agencies set up checkpoints to thoroughly inspect suspicious vehicles and individuals and secure the areas to suppress future incidents.

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Kittisak Phalaharn
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