Thai Southern Provinces Rocked by Multi-Arson Attacks; Over 30 Incidents Reported


On March 22nd, Thai national media reported muti-arson attacks in three southern provinces including Pattani, Yala, and Narathiwat. As of press time, there were more than 30 arson attack incidents.

In response to the incident, Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin publicly revealed after receiving a report from Pol. Gen. Kittirat Phanphet, the acting commissioner general of the Royal Thai Police, that Pol. Gen. Kittirat would inspect the southern border immediately.

Relevant agencies were ordered to monitor the situation and investigate the case closely, said Srettha.
Upon the initial investigation, the spokesman for Fourth Army Area Command, Southern Border Region Col. Ekwarit Chobchuphon, publicly stated unsettling situations in the southern border provinces that more than 30 incidents occurred, and one casualty was reported in Mayo, Pattani. The relevant agencies were under investigation in the case to determine the damage value and motives.

Col. Ekwarit publicly stated it was believed that the unsettling situations were due to the 20th anniversary of the Tak Bai incident, on October 25th, 2004. In the Islamic calendar, there were 11 cycles during Ramadan.

The Tak Bai incident occurred in Tak Bai, Narathiwat on October 25, 2004. It involved a protest by local Muslims against arrests and detentions.

Security forces dispersed the protest violently, leading to the death of 78 detainees during transportation. Criticism arose over excessive force and inhumane treatment by authorities. The incident underscored tensions in Thailand’s southern provinces and called for reforms and peaceful conflict resolution efforts.

According to the Fourth Army Area Command, from 1 AM to 10:30 AM, on March 22nd, there were 39 incidents in three provinces. In Pattani, there were 20 incidents. In Songkhla, there were 2 incidents, In Yala, there were 11 incidents. In Narathiwat, there were 6 incidents.

However, the officers were investigating further details and gathering evidence from the crime scenes to hold involved individuals accountable for their crimes.

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