Pattaya Alley Attack Leaves Two People Injured, Police Hunt for Assailant

Pattaya —

Two people have been injured today, March 22nd, in an attack that occurred at Soi Night Market in Pattaya.

The first victim, identified as 43-year-old Mr. Janyawat Homchan, sustained a stab wound to his left arm from an unknown sharp object. The second victim, Ms. Thongbai Nadee, a 43-year-old hotel employee, suffered a minor stab wound to her left hand after being struck with the same object. The victims received first aid from emergency responders before being transferred to a local hospital.

According to Mr. Janyawat, the attack occurred around 9 AM in Soi Night Market. He and Ms. Thongbai were on their way to work when they were ambushed by an unknown individual holding a small weapon. He attempted to defend himself before escaping the scene.

Ms. Thongbai, however, claimed to recognize the attacker. She said the attacker was a man whom she had previously filed a drug-related offense against. She believed the attack was an act of revenge stemming from this incident.

At the incident scene, Pattaya police discovered a suspicious object believed to be the weapon used in the assault. The weapon appeared to be a small metal spike wrapped with tape for a handle. Additionally, a black Honda motorcycle, presumably belonging to the assailant, was found parked nearby. Police seized the spike and the vehicle as evidence.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing. Police are urging anyone with information regarding the identity or whereabouts of the suspect to contact the Pattaya Police Station immediately.


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Aim Tanakorn
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