Drivers Brawl Outside Pattaya Police Station After Minor Traffic Accident

Pattaya —

A seemingly minor traffic accident in Pattaya escalated into a heated confrontation in front of Pattaya Police Station this morning, prompting an intervention from Pattaya police.

A video of the brawl can be seen HERE on our YouTube channel.

The altercation unfolded on February 27th, 2024, when Mr. Watcharaphon Phonpakdee, 36, driving a BMW, reportedly collided with the rear of Mr. Theerapong Manisri’s Toyota Yaris near a gas station on Soi Phothisan in Pattaya.

Following the collision, tensions flared as the two could not settle on the accident at the Pattaya Police Station, and each side called for their friends to face each other.

Three individuals, who were reported to be Mr. Watcharaphon’s friends, arrived in a Nissan Teana and allegedly began brawling with Mr. Theerapong’s friends. Witnessing the escalating incident, Pattaya police swiftly intervened, detaining all individuals involved for questioning.

To ensure accountability, separate investigations were launched: one to determine liability for the initial traffic collision and another to address the subsequent altercation at the police station. Individuals involved in the altercation now face charges of causing public disorder and participating in a public fight.


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Aim Tanakorn
The local news translator at The Pattaya News. Aim is a twenty-four year old who currently lives in Bangkok. Interested in English translation, story-telling, and entrepreneurship, he believes that hard-working is an indispensable component of every success in this world.