Foreign Couple Spotted Allegedly Having Sex on Jomtien Beach, Netizens Enraged

Pattaya —

A foreign couple was allegedly seen fornicating openly on Jomtien Beach. The indecent incident recently took place between Soi Jomtien 6-7 and was witnessed by several onlookers.

The story first came to light after Mr. Denis Krungtep, a Facebook user, posted the video of the incident on his Facebook wall, describing that two foreign individuals appeared to be fornicating on the beach, completely careless of the surrounding onlookers.

The 1.25-minute video depicted what appeared to be an international couple engaging in “loud” and intimate activities. TPN media has decided not to link to the video here as it could offend some of our readers.

Posted with the caption “Is this normal for Pattaya?”, the video generated mixed reactions from viewers, ranging from shock (“Oh my God!”) to disapproval (“Why not open a hotel if they’re going to do this”). It has also been shared several times across the platform. Many viewers also expressed shock that such behaviour could take place in what they called a world class family friendly resort like Pattaya and Jomtien.

Many netizens called for the immediate arrest of the foreign couple involved and for them to be held legally responsible to the fullest extent of Thai law to show that this particular type of behaviour was unacceptable. The nationality of the couple was not known, but speculation was rife on social media.

An official statement regarding the incident or details about when it took place are not available at the time of reporting.

Pattaya law enforcement is reportedly aware of the video and looking into the incident.

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Aim Tanakorn
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