Man Allegedly Steals Phone of Pattaya Restaurant Employee and Leaves Bill Unpaid

Pattaya —

A man allegedly stole a mobile phone worth 12,000 baht from an employee at the Beach Spot Bar and Restaurant in the Jomtien Beach area of Chonburi province, and escaped.

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The incident occurred on November 10th, at around 8:40 AM. The suspect, described as a man wearing a white shirt covered with a brown tuxedo and black trousers, was captured on the restaurant’s CCTV camera as he entered the place, ordered beer, fish steak, and chicken wings. After consuming one bottle of beer, he ordered another and mentioned that a friend would join him. Later, he requested an additional order of steak.

While the staff prepared the food in the kitchen, the suspect disappeared. Initially, 42-year-old Wilairat Khamklang, the restaurant’s employee, revealed to The Pattaya News that she thought the man might have gone to the restroom, but after a while, it became apparent that he had left. Upon checking the counter, Ms. Wilairat was shocked to find that her Samsung Galaxy A53 mobile phone, which she had left unattended, was missing from the cash register.

The staff inquired with locals in the vicinity and learned that the suspect had fled on a motorcycle. Ms. Wilairat reported the incident to Pattaya police, disclosing that she was unsure about the suspect’s nationality because he spoke a little bit of Thai mixed with English.

The unfortunate employee said her phone was worth around 12,000 baht, and the man also did not pay for the food he had ordered. Meanwhile, Pattaya police are currently investigating the incident and reviewing CCTV footage in an attempt to identify and apprehend the suspect.

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