Reader Talkback Results: Does Thailand Need Tighter Gun Control Laws?

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Earlier this month, we asked our readers the following:

Does Thailand Need Tighter Gun Control Laws?

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Let’s see what you had to say:

-=-=-=-==-=-= Ed K-Haha I am from the USA so I think gun laws are pretty solid here! -=-=-=-=-==-==- David N-Laws are nothing unless there’s Law Enforcement. Thailand doesn’t seem to get that part for some reason on lots of things. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jeff-Are any laws “controlled” in Thailand? -=-=-=-=-==-=- Derek – What’s the use of laws if they are not controlled, Helmets, Drugs, Gambling, it’s all a JOKE!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Jim B-He already broke the law and so did the suppliers. What will another law accomplish? -=-=-=-=-=- David F – Last year there was an emphasis publicised by the police on the law on reverse travelling, which is more accurately described is driving on the wrong side of the road. One morning last week in 10km I counted 81 motorcycles travelling against the traffic flow in 10km on Theparak Rd Bang Pli. Law enforcement had two groups of police in that same section, they ignored motorcycles literally within metres of them breaking this law. -=-=-=-=-=-=- Clive D-Enforcement required -=-=-==-=-=- Mark:
They need tighter red light laws – hate them in the UK –
But they are needed here
That’s for sure
-=-=-=-=-=-==– Andy C- Absolutely -=-=-=-=-=-=-=  

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