Safety Inspection Launched on Pattaya Floating Restaurants to Prepare for Chinese and Kazakhstani Tourists

Pattaya —

Authorities conducted a safety inspection on floating restaurants in Pattaya on Saturday night in preparation for an anticipated influx of Chinese and Kazakh tourists through the visa waiver program.

The operation, conducted by Pattaya Police at 8 PM on September 23rd, aimed to examine whether the venues complied with safety precautions and legal requirements, including the availability of life-saving equipment, a proper operating license, and a license to sell alcohol at the restaurants. The safety check’s purpose was to prevent undesired incidents ahead of the launch of the free-visa program for Chinese and Kazakhstani tourists, which will begin tomorrow until February 29th, 2024.

The targeted venues specifically included floating restaurants and squid fishing rafts in Pattaya Bay. Superintendent of the Pattaya Police Pol. Col. Thanaphong Phothi instructed venue operators to be service-minded hosts in order to create a positive impression among visitors.

Upon the operation, it was found that the majority of businesses were in compliance with the rules. They were also commended by Pol. Col. Thanaphong for having clear signs that outline passenger behavior guidelines on the boat, and for implementing barriers or ropes to prevent any accidental falls into the sea.

After the inspection at the boats, Pattaya Police went on to patrolling Pattaya Beach which has lately become a popular rendezvous for teenagers. They reminded beach-goers that carrying all types of weapons is against the law and that minors under 18 years old are not allowed to linger in the area at night without their legal guardian.

Meanwhile, during a patrol at Pattaya Beach in early September, police officers uncovered an unexpected find, a homemade pistol along with two rounds of ammunition and two small knives, and a couple of ecstasy pills. Two men were arrested for carrying these items although they claimed that they were just weapon collectors and never used the items to hurt anyone.

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