Pattaya Woman Suffers Severe Electric Shock After Leaning on Third Road Light Pole

Pattaya —

A female bar employee suffered a severe electric shock after she leaned on a light pole in Pattaya. The allegedly flawed pole was situated on Third Road in South Pattaya in front of a fitness center (name withheld).

A video version of this story can be found here.

The terrifying incident took place at 5:30 AM on Sunday, September 24th. Emergency responders and The Pattaya News rushed to the scene to inspect the situation.

Upon arrival at the site, authorities found a Thai woman named Ms. Patchanicha Munpen, aged 25, lying on a footpath, surrounded by her friends. They performed life-saving CPR before rushing her to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. The woman was severely injured, mentioned the rescuers.

The Pattaya News interviewed the victim’s friend, Ms. Omjai Chaisaeng, aged 31. She stated that she was accompanying her peer, who was a bar worker, to her accommodation after work because she was heavily intoxicated.

The injured person was walking far ahead of Ms. Omjai with other friends. Then, suddenly a friend ran to Ms. Omjai to tell her that the victim had suffered an electric shock after leaning on a metal light pole on a footpath. She also had lost consciousness.

Upon rescuers’ initial inspection of the pole in question, it appeared that the streetlight pole had a loose wire that was haphazardly wrapped with plastic tape, without proper insulation. The rescue team promptly repaired the wire and would subsequently notify the relevant authorities to fix the pole to prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.

The injured woman’s condition, meanwhile, is unknown at the time of reporting. The city’s response to the accident is also not available.

This isn’t the first issue with a faulty electric or lighting pole in Pattaya as a young Russian man who was a local basketball prodigy and was raised in Pattaya tragically passed away after touching a faulty pole at a basketball court in December of last year.

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