Large Amounts of Dead Fish Found on a Beach in Sri Racha

PHOTO: Siam Rath

Sri Racha –

Large amounts of dead fish washed up onto a beach in Sri Racha.

On Friday (September 8th) at the Bang Phra Beach, a significant amount of dead fish were found. The exact amount of fish was difficult to estimate, which as a general policy The Pattaya News doesn’t do.

Local residents told Thai media that the cause of the dead fish is believed to be from a monsoon that hit Thailand previously which caused many days of raining, although did not affect Pattaya directly. Lots of fresh water poured into the sea and caused the immediate change of sea water conditions.

This in return has caused a natural phenomenon which is a plankton bloom. In this, sea water is turned green and accompanied often with a bad smell. The fish were killed due to a lack of oxygen caused by the plankton bloom.

It will take about a week for the sea water to turn back into normal, say officials and authorities.TPN media notes that officials claim an oil spill near Sri Racha is not the cause but it has also been discussed significantly on Thai social media.

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Goongnang Suksawat
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