Bang Saen Sea Dyed Green by Plankton Bloom, Many Dead Fish Found

PHOTO: Khaosod

Chonburi —

Bang Saen Beach in Chonburi is once again experiencing the plankton bloom phenomenon that has turned the water green and caused a foul odor.

Tourists visiting the beach in the Mueang district were discouraged from going into the water because the color of the sea had turned dark green due to a plankton surge.

The phenomenon seriously impacted tourism as many tourists fled the beach, some due to fears of skin irritation.

PHOTO: Surf Fishing Bangsaen

Furthermore, upon inspection by Thai media around 11:30 AM as of today, September 7th, a large number of dead fish, varying in species, were found on the beach.

It is suspected that the fish were killed due to a lack of oxygen caused by the plankton bloom. However, the green color of the seawater is expected to return to normal soon, according to Thai media.

That isn’t the end of trouble, however, as the impacts of a nearby oil spill in Sri Racha can also be felt in the area as officials and the company responsible work to clean it.

PHOTO: Surf Fishing Bangsaen
PHOTO: Surf Fishing Bangsaen
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