Reader Talkback Results: Would YOU Support Pattaya Entertainment Venues Being Open 24-Hours a Day?

The following is our regular feature: We ask our community a question and roughly a week later highlight diverse responses and opinions to that question.

Last month, we asked our readers the following:

Would YOU Support Pattaya Entertainment Venues Being Open 24 Hours a Day?

We selected several diverse opinions and responses here. We note that these are the opinions and thoughts of readers and may not necessarily reflect those of Pattaya News Company Limited. For context and the story behind this proposal please click or tap here. Although Pattaya City officials have stated this proposal is currently only for the airport, some prominent leaders still want it for Pattaya too.

Let’s see what you had to say:


Editor-Important to note this doesn’t mean every venue would be open all hours like some think. It would merely mean owners of venues decide based on their own business when they open and close.


Steve C-

Absolutely, let the market decide. Only a few venues will do it.
Me, I’m in bed by 9 or 10 pm nowadays but loved an all-nighter a few years back.
Knut J-Definitely YES. But owners should take a look at the personnel policy. It can quickly become far too many working hours for some of the workers. Yes, it is not difficult to guess that.
Pw- I used to love being able to watch the UK sports in I Rovers pre covid they always had staff rotation and were never any trouble.
PN  -This used to be one of the great things about Pattaya when I was younger, we got drunk early, fell asleep, woke up in the night or early morning, and could go straight out and party on
Rick -Sports bars definitely. American sports are on in the wee hours of the morning.
Michael – Should be allowed to stay open after 2am, as long as the music is turned down, this should suit everyone, customers happy, residents happy and the police can earn a few bht from the noisy bars 5555
Seth F-Well as long as they got some sort of sense on where it’s actually suitable to be open 24/7. There are a lot of loud bars and people need to sleep as well. Other than that I’m always open to fewer regulations
Erick R-Extending times till 04.00 should be good enough and should be done nationwide
Crank Yank-  No, will create more drunks with fights, and major problems will happen.
Olaf M-Why not? Let the Customers and owners decide. At least open up in Areas where you don’t disturb nearby residents.
UF – This matter cannot be decided by the business and market demands and is subject to vote by the local residents.
Ross M-  If you haven’t had enough by 2 am you got issues..
Ryan I – I think should be a nine or ten cutoff and focus on true family-friendly tourism and Islamic tourism. Banning alcohol, cannabis, and cracking down on sex workers is the right way to go. Bulldoze all the bars, clubs, karaokes, and weed shops, and replace them with high-market retail and trendy cafes. 
Kay S- The Government needs to step back out of our lives as much as possible.
Franco B – I agree with a 24-hour opening so it wouldn’t change much for public order and safety…. homicides and serious crimes also take place in broad daylight as we have seen
Terry Ty- Mixed messages??…………How unusual for the Thai Government. There’s little chance of the media or population predicting anything in the future when the so-called “leaders” don’t know themselves.
Scott – Personally, I’m not a fan of the idea. Many bars are close to residential areas, and are noisy. It is good that these areas go quiet at a particular time. Later closing times simply means people will go out later. With such low footfall in most bars right now, this will just spread the drinking over a longer period, further diluting numbers, killing the atmosphere. Bars may save on paying off the authorities, but will have to employ more staff to stay open. Plus more noise from drunken behaviour during anti-social hours and more incidents due to drunken behaviour at busier times of the day. Why fix something when it ain’t broke?

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