UPDATE: Pattaya Police Reportedly Pursuing Homicide Charges for Russian Man Linked to Fatal Fall of Russian Woman

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Pattaya —

Pattaya police are reportedly preparing to charge a Russian man they believe is linked to the fatal fall of his Russian girlfriend on Sunday for homicide after reviewing CCTV footage of the incident which appears to show the man holding the woman by her legs from his balcony.

First our previous story:

A Russian woman fell to her death on Sunday morning, August 13th, from the seventh floor of a Pattaya condo, and a Russian man who she stayed with has been detained as a person of interest.

Now for our update:

Pol. Col. Wattanachai Saengrit, superintendent of the Na Jomtien police station, ordered his subordinates to collect surveillance camera recordings in the vicinity of the scene where a Russian woman, Ms. Daria, 32, fell to her death from her condo on Sunday morning, August 13th.

The Pattaya News has withheld the last name of the victim pending her family’s permission.

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, it was discovered that Ms. Daria reportedly was dangling beyond the edge of the balcony with her 30-year-old Russian boyfriend, Mr. Oeaop Nbahobny Fedor, holding both of her legs.

Pol. Col. Wattanachai stated that the boyfriend then allegedly released his grip, causing the woman to plummet to her immediate demise. He noted, however, that the motivation behind the footage remains unclear, whether it was an attempt to rescue the woman from falling or an act of homicide.

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

During the interrogation, Mr. Oeaop acted uncooperatively with the police due to being irritated and alcohol intoxication. He had been speaking incoherently and his initial statement conflicted with the CCTV footage, initially alleging to be outside of the room while his girlfriend suddenly leapt to her death. When confronted with the CCTV footage which appeared to invalidate Oeaop’s claim of not being present he became more irritable and uncooperative, according to police.

Pol. Col. Wattanachai revealed that he initially detained Mr. Oeaop under charges of disorderly conduct while intoxicated. The Na Jomtien police are also requesting an arrest warrant on him from the Pattaya Provincial Court for homicide.

PHOTO: TMN Cable TV Pattaya

At the time of reporting, the court has yet to issue the formal arrest warrant.

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