A Look at the Week Ahead in Thailand News: Mother’s Day is Here, TikTok FoodFest, and more

The following is our regular feature at TPN media in which we highlight major events or things happening over the upcoming week for our readers. This allows one to know what is happening without having to go through our dozens of regular articles, websites, or sections.

Let’s Go!

We know many of our readers may feel a bit of deja vu when we say another holiday weekend is coming, but another holiday weekend is indeed just around the corner.

Mother’s Day in Thailand is Saturday, August 12th. This is also the beloved Queen Mother’s 91st birthday in Thailand and will be highly celebrated with colour of blue.

Since the holiday falls on the weekend, substitute day for the occasion will take place on Monday, August 14th. This day will see government offices, many banks, and others close like Thai Immigration, so be aware in advance.

There are no alcohol sales bans for this holiday unlike the recent religious holidays that brought a six-day holiday weekend.

In terms of other things going on, there is a very special TikTok FoodFest taking place at Central Mall which is a great opportunity to meet your favourite social media influencers and participate in fun games and contests, and even create your own content for your own followers. More details on this exciting event are available here.

You can also register for the upcoming FashionTV Model Awards on Pattaya Beach coming up the following week if you think you are a handsome man or elegant lady and wish to compete! Everyone is welcome, more details are available here.

In terms of Thai politics, it is going to be a quiet week as the Thai Charter Court debates over if it is constitutional for Parliament to refuse to renominate Move Forward Party leader Pita as PM after a previous failed vote. You can learn more about the seemingly neverending political situation and fight over who forms the new Thai government here. Any decision on the new Thai PM and voting will not take place until August 16th.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun Mother’s Day weekend, see you next week!

Adam Judd, TPN Media

Adam Judd
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