UPDATE: Lawyer’s Assistant to Prime Murder Suspect Claims Hans Peter Mack May Have Had Heart Attack and Suspect’s Panicked

Pattaya –

A lawyer’s assistant has told the Associated Thai media that the death of German businessman, Hans Peter Mack, 62, might be an accident and not an intentional murder.

Our previous stories:

A Pakistani – Thai man who was the last remaining free prime suspect in the gruesome murder of German real estate broker Hans Peter Mack was arrested in Kanchanaburi.

Now for the update:

On Wednesday (July 12th) a man identified only as Mr. Matthew, who is an interpreter and lawyer’s assistant to Mr. Olaf Brinkmann , the alleged ringleader and prime suspect, told Thai media “Mr. Olaf has continued to refuse to talk with police. After I talked with Olaf, however, I believe the whole situation might have been accidental.”

“No one intended to kill Mr. Hans. When a discussion between the two parties escalated and involved money and pressure to pay, Mr. Hans might have suffered from heart failure and had a sudden heart attack. At this point, the suspects panicked and did not know what to do, deciding to hide the body versus inform police due to being afraid of repercussions. However, we (Lawyers and translators for Olaf Brinkmann) are still not sure of the exact sequence of events and do not know how much money was involved and what the money was for. This will be explored further.” The lawyer’s assistant told Thai media.

“Mr. Olaf also wants to meet with the other prime captured suspects and discuss the situation with them, especially around what he feels is possible incorrect information given to police by Mr. Shahruek Kareem Udin, 27, Pakistani/Thai.” The legal assistant and translator concluded.

Shahruek claimed, as we reported earlier, that Mr. Brinkmann threatened and forced him to assisting in disposing of the body of Mr. Mack.

TPN media notes that it is highly unlikely Thai police will allow the suspects to meet and talk with each other and have kept them fully apart while being interviewed.

TPN Media also notes that the translator’s statements were not a legal confession or statement from Mr. Brinkmann who officially has yet to speak.

Goongnang Suksawat
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