Family of Thai-Pakistani Suspect in Murder of Hans Peter Mack Says He Was Threatened and Forced to Help Dispose of Body

Pattaya, Thailand-

The family of a Thai-Pakistani suspect in the murder of German Businessman Hans Peter Mack, 62, in Pattaya, says that they have spoken to their son and they believe his statements that he was forced and threatened by alleged ringleader Olaf Brinkmann, 52, from Germany, to help in the disposal of the body of Mack.

First, to recap, here is more on the murder of Mr. Mack from our previous coverage.

Secondly, here is our coverage of the arrest of the Thai-Pakistani suspect yesterday afternoon. He was arrested in Kanchanaburi where Thai police said he was planning to flee to Myanmar.

Shahruek Udin’s parents at Nongprue Police Station, Pattaya, Thailand, July 13th, 2023.

At 11:50 P.M. Yesterday, July 12th, 2023, Pol. Col. Santi Kornkasem, Superintendent of Police, Police Station, Chonburi Province, stated that suspect Mr. Shahruek Kareem Udin, 27, Pakistani/Thai, arrived at the Nongprue Police Station from Kanchanaburi accompanied by his lawyer.

Shahruek was met by his parents and brother at the police station who were all deeply emotional over the entire situation. All agreed to speak to the press to clarify their views on the situation and explain Shahruek’s involvement.

According to Shahruek’s parents, Mr. Sabas, 52 years old, and Ms. Pac, 56, who owns a seafood business in Phuket, the family had previous business dealings with suspect Petra Kristel Grundgriff, 54, in regards to distributing seafood from Phuket in Pattaya. However, the parents said the business deal had fallen through about two years prior due to concerns about Petra’s reliability. Their son, Shahruek, however, had kept in contact about unrelated real estate deals and opportunities. Petra surrendered herself earlier this week.

Suspect Shahruek Udin speaks with Thai media, July 13th, 2023.

Ms. Pac said the family had been speaking with Shahruek who had always been honest to them. According to her, he had been crying and emotional over the entire situation and told his parents that suspected ringleader Olaf Brinkmann had forced him against his will to help in the disposal of the body of Hans Peter Mack. Shahruek denied killing Mack or having anything to do with the motive or failed business deals.

Shahruek told his parents that Olaf had threatened to kidnap and harm his wife and sister, bringing them to Cambodia and holding them hostage, if Shahruek did not help Olaf dispose of the body. His parents stated to the press they believe their son.

Mr Shahli, 30, Shahruek’s brother, told Thai media that his brother also told him that he only helped move the freezer and worked with Olaf because Olaf was threatening to harm his family. Shahli said his brother had been an emotional wreck and believed he had been coerced and forced to help Olaf against his will. Shahli said the wife and sister of Shahruek had been moved to a safe location out of fear of their safety.

Pol. Col. Santi Kornkasem is looking into the statements made by the family and says that police will interview Shahruek at length. Meanwhile, alleged ringleader Olaf Brinkmann continues to decline to speak with investigators and has deferred everything to a lawyer other than saying he is innocent of all charges. Petra’s statements have not been released and she has not spoken to the press.

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