Reader Talkback Results: Should Parking be Allowed Again on Pattaya Beach?

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Should Parking be Allowed Again on Pattaya Beach?

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Richard P: Absolutely NO. At least not within the City Limits or high-traffic public areas…Exceptions if it is adequately controlled and managed and not within high-use areas. That’s why they make ” No Parking ” signs. It is a public beach and not a parking lot. Also, the size and locations of the Beach Umbrellas in (mostly) Jomtien should be restricted and controlled. In most of the beach area the locals and tourists can not even see the beach for the sprawling umbrella vendors, Forget sitting below the shade trees. Some cover very large areas and their size should be curbed. It is a public beach and not a private enterprise commandeered by excessively oversized vendors. The umbrellas should be restricted and not compromise all the public shade tree areas. -=-=-=-=- Gerd- No way! That would lead to traffic collapse. –=–=-=-=- Countless Readers: No! (Very rarely are almost all our readers on the same page but this is an example that they are. -=-=-=-=-=-= Chris D-
I am a regular six-month visitor to Pattaya staying in a condo on Soi one.
The removal of parking on the beach side of Beach Road was an excellent move.
The traffic flow for the whole length of Beach Road was greatly improved & I am sorry
if the Beach Vendors do not like it but this change benefits so many others that it would
be a retrograde step to reverse it.
Alternative parking should be explored first.
Nico- French Reader- Bonjour…Je m’appelle Nico. Faut-il autoriser à nouveau le stationnement sur la plage de Pattaya? Pour moi, la réponse est NON. Sa fait 10 ans que je vis en Asie, en Thailand à Pattaya…J’aime comment est faite la beach de Pattaya, son style et son décor. J’ai vu l’évolution de la plage pendant toutes ces années…Changement de décor, agrandissement de la route et éloignement de la mer avec rajout de sable. Il y a déjà des parkings côté plage sur la beach de Jomtien…C’est très bien…Mais pas besoin pour celle de Pattaya. Par contre, je trouve que les feux de signalisation sur la beach sont inutile et dangereux…Il faudrait plutôt mettre 3 ponts aérien pour traverser la route ( Sa serai pratique et sa ferrai un beau décor ). Et j’ai vu que dans les projets futur de Pattaya il y a un projet de téléphérique pour faciliter le transport et visiter la ville…Je trouve cette idée super et j’espère qu’elle vera le jour prochainement. PS : J’aime beaucoup votre site, qui m’informe des actualités et des faits divers en Thailand et en particulier à Pattaya…Bravo et merci. Bonne journée et bonne continuation. -=-=-=-=-=- Jan-No should be NO parking allowed, along all of the beach road. Preferably it should become a NO cars allowed, but walking only. -=-=-=–=-=-= David D-If vendors want to return there should be vendor-only parking in certain areas… -==-==-=-=-=- Michael D-Sure hope your media outlet has some influence on the powers that make the decision. Editor’s Note: They read us daily. -=-==-=-=- Jimmy H-They have already made parking spots available from Central Road to the north end of the beach. There are pretty much 3 lanes available already all the way – only to hit the bottleneck at the entrance to Walking Street Pattaya Tai. -=-=-=-=– Herman-Definitely no parking, want to see the beach, parking should be in designated areas off the beach, with a shuttle available to transport the public to the beach. Finally put an end to this never ending construction and these pipe dream ideas about cable cars and street cars. -=-=-=-=-=-=- Shane T-Definitely no, people are always parking on the left side temporarily anyway, and then all the baht buses making stops. Really causes issues with tourism back at a respectable level. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Menethil: Yes it should be allowed. The traffic jams will happen regardless because there’s a bottleneck at the end of the beach road, so might as well allow parking. -=-=-=-=-=-=-= Jeremy Q-No should build parking lots outside City and have a park and ride system.  

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