Thai Police Arrest 10 Suspects in Large Online Gambling Ring

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  Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) Police rounded up 10 Thai suspects in alleged connection to a large online gambling network dubbed “Hai Jiew Talat Noi” that had over 150 million baht in money circulation. 

The suspects’ identities are disclosed by police as follows:

  1. Mr. Atchara Sunthornchataphong, 37
  2. Mr. Natthapachet Phu Aphiphat Thanakit, 38
  3. Mr. Lertpisit Trongchai-anan, 37
  4. Mr. Chumpol Suwanno, 38
  5. Ms. Jitraporn Meesuk, 32
  6. Ms. Chantima Choengwanich, 48
  7. Ms. Suthida Kitthaweekoon, 32
  8. Mr. Thani Teepana, 43
  9. Ms. Kanchana Saetia, 31
  10. Ms. Chadaporn Siriwattakul, 40

All are Thai nationals. Seized from the group were 1 million baht in cash, five firearms, five cars, two Rolex wristwatches, ten gold necklaces, bracelets and rings, nine gold bars, two land deeds, eight branded bags, 360 amulets, one safe box, and many bank account books, ATM cards, and credit cards.

CIB officers stated that the arrest was the result of a follow-up operation after officers dismantled an online gambling ring operated by the “Hai Jiew Talat Noi” network and the Silom-Rama 2 network.

They were able to arrest 13 suspects during the first operation, including the website’s owner, shareholders, and employees, along with gambling equipment such as baccarat tables, card decks, computers, and live streaming devices.

Subsequently, police conducted another investigation and rounded up the 10 above suspects. Three managed to escape, however. Police found that the illicit organization had over 150 million baht in its financial circulation.

The employee suspects reportedly admitted to providing gambling services to people. The owner and shareholders, however, denied all allegations.

They were all charged with several gambling charges.


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