Reader TalkBack Results: Should Foreign Tour Guides Be Allowed to Legally Work in Thailand?

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This week, we asked our readers the following: Should Foreign Tour Guides Be Allowed to Legally Work in Thailand? You can read the original article by clicking or tapping here.

We selected a number of diverse opinions and responses here. We note that these are the opinions and thoughts of readers and may not necessarily reflect those of The Pattaya News Company Limited.

Let’s see what you had to say:

Bascia: No, not at all.

Johnny Stam-Why would tourists need guides to gogos or bars?

Fred: Why not ? If they drive a van they most likely are better drivers than the Thais .

Soren: NO. Foreigners do not know enough about Thailand, Thai Culture, Thai Street Food, and much more that Thai Guides Know. So NO from me. And also from Thailand itself.

Franco: To be a tourist guide, you need to know several foreign languages and not just English, so I don’t think Thai staff is enough.

R.D. The issue is many Thai tour guides don’t speak the same language as many of their tourists, like Russian or Chinese, and don’t understand cultural differences. This is why so many foreign tourists prefer guides from their own country.

Terrel I-Ive had Thai tour guides in national parks that don’t speak a word of English and spend more time policing me and setting rules versus being a guide and explaining history, nature, etc. This is useless especially when the guide is mandatory.

Rodi R-I think some should be allowed as foreign guides but cap the number and require strict tests and rules.

Olga M-Many people from my country, Russia, prefer Russian guides. This has a lot to do with trust and understanding their customers. Many Russian guides have lived in Pattaya for decades and know more about the local area than Thai guides mostly from other provinces. Why shouldn’t we be allowed if we pay tax and get a visa?

Harry L-Not only should they not be allowed, we should consider refusing Russian tourists in general due to the war in Ukraine.

Ton T-Hello, I am Thai. English is not my first language so sorry. I do not think a foreign person can understand our culture and history and more like Thai people. So I think Thai people only should be guides. But I do think Thai guides should speak language of their tour group which is where this problem come from.

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