Reader Talkback Thailand Results: What is your favorite month in Thailand and why?


The following is our exclusive weekly feature in which we ask our readers a news topical question and then give you a week to answer it on our various channels, compiling a diverse range of answers and opinions to present to you, our valued readers. Here are the results from our last question…

Last week, we asked you the following:

What is your favorite month in Thailand and why?

Some context around this question:

After the success of our question last week asking about our reader’s favorite bar, we decided to keep the question “light-spirited” vs. driven directly by the current news. We simply want to know what is your favorite time of year to live or travel to Thailand and why.

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Obviously, we can’t post everyone’s opinion here so we selected a variety of the most varied opinions. As always, the opinions and statements below are the reader’s own and may not reflect those of TPN media. There have been minor edits for spelling and grammar only:


Tony D- September, less rain and not so hot!


George T-August, September. Always warm, not too much rain


Peter H-September. It’s when I come back for a few months.


Mitchell R-ANY month but April. April is the hottest month of the year and has the hell on earth water festival. Thank God it was canceled the past three years. It should be canceled and banned every single year. I HATE SONGKRAN.


John D-Diving season Phuket


Mikey R-I like Christmas and New Year. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it is cool weather, lots of events and atmosphere, and fun.


Darren H-I like Songkran. Yes, I know many people hate it. But the festivals, the music, the concerts, the partying, the smiles, and the overall joy is awesome for me.


Neil V-January, a little cooler!!


Dave P-Easy, July or August. Over 20 yrs. holidaying from work in Taiwan I would come many times throughout the year but with the low season then, fewer people in the summer months were the ones I always looked forward to the most!!


Reginald N-I miss the Covid-19 lockdowns and closures. No traffic, empty beaches, no tourists, peaceful and quiet. Personally, I wish they would ban bars and nightlife again and ban tourists from India, Russia, China, etc. This way, good ex-pats like myself that drive the economy can have a nice quiet town to ourselves without annoying tourists or young party animals ruining the town.


Gabor S-November… Good weather, no tourists.


Joe F-October. Rainy days are winding down. Temperatures are starting to cool and the air will never be cleaner. Pre-high season prices.


Pete W-August.. there are fewer street vendors creeping up on you at bars cos they don’t like getting wet. My least favourite is Songkran.. cos I don’t like getting wet


Nicolai W-Dec and Jan. Feb. Cold in Denmark. Nice in Thailand


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