Reader mailbag: Pickpocketed on Second Road in Pattaya, the issue currently is real

The following is a reader mail we have had in the past day sent to The Pattaya News from a Pattaya News follower. These are in response to a growing number of police reports and press reports about pickpicket situations in Pattaya.

Comments on the situation on social media have been extensive, varied, and diverse of opinion with some readers shedding potential doubt on the claims of the tourists making allegations of theft.

However, one reader stated he had a similar situation happen last night near where two recent pickpocket incidents have taken place and wanted to caution other readers not to dismiss the potential of pickpockets in the Pattaya area.

As seen here, Pattaya police continue to work on finding those allegedly responsible for the rash of thefts.

The mail is below. If you would like to contact us about this situation please mail us at

Hi Pattaya News, I thought that I would contact you so that you could possibly advise readers of a pick pocket working on second road near Mike’s Hotel. 

I was walking back to my hotel last night approx 10.40pm when a Thai woman approached me saying that she wanted to go with me and started holding me. I resisted politely and tried to move away. In the few seconds that it took,  the Thai woman had picked my pocket and stolen approx 500 baht. ( I do not carry much cash on me)  

I realised within 30 seconds and returned to the scene where the woman got into a waiting black car driven by a young male  and they drove away. As they reversed, they hit a white car that was parked Velindre them. I hope this helps. C.

Photos used are stock photos from our team of recent crime incidents locally.

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