277 road accidents reported on fifth day of seven dangerous days during Songkran, 263 people injured and 44 casualties

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The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation reported today, April 16th, of 277 road accidents with 263 injured and 44 casualties on the fifth day of the seven dangerous day road campaign of Songkran.

Yesterday, the most common cause of accidents remained high-speed driving, which accounted for 39.35% of all accidents, followed by drunk driving (28.52%), and sudden cut-off (16.25%). The most accident-prone vehicles were still motorcycles (77.70%), pickup trucks (11.87%), and sedans (2.88%). And, most accidents occured on local roads (39.38%) and highways (32.85%).

The top three provinces yesterday were Chiang Mai with the most accidents (16) and the equivalent people injured (16), and Chiang Rai with the most fatalities (5).
The overall number of accidents occuring in the last five days was 1,478 with 1,452 people injured and 204 killed: Chiang Mai with the most accidents (60), most people injured (58), and most deaths (8).
The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation also warned of thundershowers with strong winds and possible hail in northeastern and central regions including Bangkok, which could cause slippery roads and obstructed visibility.

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