Reader Talkback Results: What should the new Pattaya mayor’s FIRST priority be?

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Last week, we asked you the following:

What should the new Pattaya mayor’s FIRST priority be?

Reader Talkback Thailand: What should the new Pattaya mayor’s FIRST priority be?

Some context around this question:

For the first time in almost a decade, Pattaya will elect a new mayor on May 22nd of this year. Former appointed mayor Sonthaya Khunplume stepped down last week and the city is currently being run by the permanent secretary and city manager in the interim.

Business and tourism associations are already urging whoever the new mayor is that their first priority should be restoring Pattaya’s damaged tourism industry and pushing the government to do everything in their power to ease restrictions around nightlife, entertainment, tourism, and other items.

  However, some of our readers have pointed out road construction or water drainage as, in their opinion, a bigger priority (and will help tourism down the road.)

So, we want to hear from you. What should be the FIRST thing the new mayor, whoever they end up being, puts their focus on in Pattaya?

Here is what you, our readers, had to say as our editors selected some of the most diverse responses to highlight different points of view. Obviously, we can’t post everyone’s opinion here so selected a variety of the most diverse opinions. As always, the opinions and statements below are the reader’s own and may not reflect those of TPN media. There have been minor edits for spelling and grammar only:


Graeme C-Obtain some expert advice and take positive and remedial action regarding a final long term solution to Pattaya’s ongoing flooding problems and damaged – inadequate infrastructure issues


Ric U-Sidewalk renovation and off-street parking lots $ on Sois near Beach road. Money for the city and reduce congestion by the Gulf


Gunter H-Sack the person who makes the road and traffic planning in Pattaya. They should be sent to Europe for education. I have never seen such stupid planning and design of roads in all my life. Totally without sense.


Gene B-Fix the footpaths/sidewalks. Kill the beach “nourishment” project, it is not necessary; people love Jomtien beach mostly as it is; just fix the areas with severe erosion.


Richard R-Widen the sidewalks and plant trees over the city and especially the tall trees that provided shade on the beach put benches, install small trash cans, continue to bury the electric cables, and……. so many things to do


Charles P-Hi   The first priority of the new mayor should be to restore international tourism to Pattaya. International tourists spend an average of 2500$ per vacation, domestic tourists 200$ per vacation. Do the sums.

To this end, he should pressurize the regime to lift all remaining covid entry restrictions and reinstate the original Multi-Entry Visas. Without this, they are finding alternate destinations and will not return to Thailand/Pattaya.
John M-Open the city to vaccinated tourists – all the paperwork and testing before you get on a plane, which is fine, I do not want to fly for 20 hours on a plane with 500 people that are not tested, but then test again when you arrive and stay in a hotel and all the paperwork for the Thailand Pass – I can go to Cambodia, Lao, Viet Nam with Easy pass, fill out an application, send them $25. and it is done -this whole Thailand Pass is a big rip-off – someone is making lots of money –  they want to make Pattaya into Disneyland??  How stupid can that be??  It will take 10 years for Pattaya to recover if ever.
N.R- END Thailand Pass and Test and Go and legally open all bars and clubs again until late. (Editor’s note-We got MANY requests like this. We have to note, however, that these particular restrictions are from a national level and part of the Covid Center/Emergency Decree, and the local mayor would not have the authority to end these on his own.)
Jay J-Stop any more roadworks from starting until those “underway” are completed!
Alan F-Sort the drains out
Apolo E-Get rid of all the ladyboys hanging out in the streets, especially in the whole Soi Buakhao area.
Melvin H-Take down all the loose wires hanging from poles. I nearly lost an eye.
Howarth-Road safety, (especially for the moto riders, helmets, etc) some form of traffic calming to stop the racing crews?
Richard E-Water treatment plant
James R-Fix the sidewalks to make them suitable for pedestrians and the infirm. Sort Soi Bukhao out, it’s being used as a rat run, close it off between Soi Diane and Soi 19 after 6 pm, and make it pedestrian-only same as Bangla Road in Phuket.
Guy H-Restrict the red light district to a dedicated area. Limit the number of beer bars. Do not tolerate massage & gogo girls sitting outside in front of the parlors & clubs. Bring all the stray dogs to a shelter. Fix the sidewalks.
Mr. Mont-Ban the red light district, bars, clubs, similar permanently. Clear off ALL freelancers in all parts of the city. Shut down the massage shops that offer extras. Refuse to ever “legally” open up bars and clubs and instead work on getting rid of what’s left by refusing licenses, enforcing zoning, etc. I would advise to further restrict the current situation by strictly ensuring that converted restaurants are truly restaurants with kitchens, chefs, no working girls, etc., and shutting down the rest of the bar industry. Starve them out, get rid of them, and make the city a real family resort for middle-class Thais and quality tourists.
Stuart W-It doesn’t matter who the people vote for…. whoever gets in will do what he or she is told to do by his or her bosses in government who are told what to do by their bosses in the big corporations and banking system.

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