Thai Deputy Prime Minister Prawit orders increasing penalties for traffic violators

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Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan ordered increasing penalties for road users who violated traffic laws in order to raise more public awareness.

He addressed to the That Cabinet Meeting Tuesday, February 1st, that the National Road Accident Prevention and Reduction Policy Board has approved measures to prevent road accidents following a tragic accident of a motorcycle crashing and killing a pedestrian at a crosswalk last month. The approved policies, in principle, are as follows:

  1. Legal measures: such as increasing penalties for drivers who broke traffic signs; using technology to support law enforcement; providing online information about the history and offenses of the driver’s license holders, vehicle registration information, and other relevant information; increasing offenses for drivers who violate traffic rules and signs and recording driving behaviors when committing an offense.
  2. Safe crosswalk measures: such as establishing safe crosswalks under standards; exploring traffic engineering aspects of all crosswalks for improvements; drawing vehicle stopping lines and warning signs ahead of the crosswalks; installing pedestrian lights to facilitate pedestrians when crossings.
  3. Road users measures: creating awareness about safe road crossing for all groups of people; developing curriculum and teaching materials with an emphasis on safe crossings at educational institutions for all ages to raise awareness.

The Deputy Prime Minister also ordered the Road Safety Operation Center (RSOC) to establish road campaigns to create awareness of road safety across the country and urged the relevant authorities to accelerate the implementation of the measures as soon as possible.

TPN recently conducted a poll from our readers around how to improve road safety in Thailand and most agreed that more rules and painting more crosswalks was not the answer, but that enforcement of current rules by law enforcement was the direction that was needed. Click here for our findings.


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