Eleven-year-old boy, a junior rescue worker, saves a stuck kitten from under a truck on a highway in Chonburi

PHOTOS: Nawat Mueang Chon

Chonburi  –

PHOTOS: Nawat Mueang Chon

On Friday (July 23rd), rescue workers were notified that a kitten was stuck under a pickup truck, crying for help, and was unable to escape. The pickup truck was stopped on the road in Bang Sai in the middle of the highway, with it unclear exactly how the kitten had become stuck inside the lower part of the vehicle. The junior rescue worker volunteered to climb under the truck and reach the kitten as the “smallest” rescue team member.

PHOTOS: Nawat Mueang Chon

Mr. Nantapop Tagojeennit, a rescue worker and the father of the junior rescuer, 11-year-old Nattapakan Tagojeennit, told The Pattaya News reporters, “He likes to go out with me when we go out for rescue jobs and is an official junior rescue worker, a program we have for kids and teenagers who want to learn valuable life-saving skills for the future.”

“He especially likes to help me rescue dogs and cats and has taken several home if they don’t have owners,” Nantapop said with a chuckle, explaining how the amount of pets the family owns has increased as a result.

“I am very proud of him as many people like him and respect that he uses his free time to learn valuable skills. He prefers to use his free time to assist others and learn how to save lives and help those in need versus play video games like many other local children.” Nantapop stated with a smile.

It was not immediately clear if the rescued kitten would become the newest member of Nantapop’s extended family or if the kitten had a previous owner. The kitten was in perfect health, but anxious and fearful over the situation.


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