Reader TalkBack: Should foreign embassies provide Covid19 vaccines for their citizens in Thailand?


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We have previously asked if Thailand should be providing vaccines to foreign residents for free and the vast majority of our readers agreed and stated they should.

This time, we are taking a different route.

Should embassies of foreign countries provide vaccines for their citizens against Covid-19 during the current crisis?

As a note, China has already done so as part of their conditions of providing Sinovac vaccines to Thailand. However, most countries have not despite huge campaigns by prominent groups such as American expats and veterans associations asking the American embassy to help their citizens in Thailand. UK citizens have also been openly asking for assistance and help.

What do you think? Should foreign countries, especially those with many vaccines like America or the UK, help their citizens abroad? Should conditions be attached like paying tax or being on good terms?

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We will publish the results early next week.

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