Chonburi has 91 new, confirmed cases of Covid-19 today, Governor orders another related industrial estate closed temporarily

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Chonburi- The Chonburi Department of Public Health announced 91 new and confirmed cases of Covid-19 this morning, driven by clusters at industrial estates and factories in Mueang Chonburi with many workers who live in Phan Thong. The Governor also ordered the temporary closure of Celeres (Thailand) Company Limited, located in the Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate (Amata Nakorn), in the Nong Mai Daeng Sub-district of Mueang Chonburi.  The estate will be closed for at least fourteen days, all workers are detained/quarantined and not allowed to leave while they are checked for Covid-19.  All their close contacts will also be checked. A significant amount of the new cases are migrant workers living in close quarters at dormitories. The Chonburi Department of Public Health announced 91 new and confirmed cases of Covid-19 today, May 23rd, which is a rise from 71 cases yesterday, driven by increased testing and a cluster at a factory and migrant worker camp dormitory for the factory in a nearby district.
This makes a total of 4,163 cases of Covid-19 in the current round of infections, with 961 still in medical care, with a total of eighteen recorded deaths in Chonburi since the start of this recent round of infections in early April. Two more deaths were announced in this morning’s update. Additionally, 3,184 people in total have now been released from medical care and fully recovered since this current wave began. 72 people were released yesterday. The district-level new cases were as follows today: Mueang Chonburi with 36, Si Racha 4, Banglamung (including Pattaya) 12, Phanat Nikhom 3, Ban Bueng 12, Pan Thong 20, and four patients were transferred from another province to Chonburi for medical care. The details on today’s cases given were:
  1. A cluster from the Celeres factory with 42 cases
  2. Close contacts of previous patients
    • In families, 2 cases
    • Other establishments 2 cases
    • close contact of a confirmed patient in Ratchaburi
  3. Close contact under investigation 44 cases.
In the last day, a total of 76 close contacts were tested from contact tracing, and 816 people were tested in proactive testing when medical staff goes out into the community. All are pending results. Chonburi is continuing proactive mass testing at industrial estates and for workers with social security at “high-risk” locations that have interactions with the general public (like supermarkets, public transportation, restaurant staff, etc). This resulted in two clusters now found at a metal factory and now the Celeres company.
Chonburi Governor orders temporary closure of Okamura Metal factory after cluster of 98 Covid-19 cases found
Chonburi Public Health officials are asking for the public to remain working from home if possible and especially to avoid small social gatherings with people who are not members of your own household until the situation improves. This is especially true of “drinking circles” involving alcohol or sharing food, such as a Thai-style BBQ. The vast majority of cases, according to Public Health Ministry Officials are asymptomatic or mild, with only roughly ten percent having moderate or serious symptoms, generally those with pre-existing health conditions.
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