Reader Talkback Results: Are you concerned about the situation in Myanmar and believe it could impact Thailand?


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Reader talkback: Are you concerned about the situation in Myanmar and believe it could impact Thailand?

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Do you think the current situation will continue to escalate? What sort of consequences do you think the situation will have on Thailand? How, if at all, can the situation be resolved without further escalating or even risking full civil war or a “failed state” in your opinion? Are you concerned that refugees entering Thailand potentially illegally could cause another round of Covid-19 and result in business closures, restrictions, lockdowns, etc.?

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Claudia H-Sure, I’m concerned. The border is porous & there are thousands of tribal Burmese who are being starved out. These increasing groups of Burmese need Thai infrastructure to contain them & their needs at the border. Covid & new variants present a real danger. The Burmese are disliked by the Thais who apparently have long memories. Will the Thai military be willing to actually help the Burmese?

Johnson-Its a ticking time bomb in Myanmar! Yes, it’s going to escalate yes it will affect Thailand in the increase of Covid 19 as it’s virtually impossible to monitor a border that long let alone control its terrain is extremely challenging.

Stephen SJR-I am concerned about the refugee problem bringing further infections as the border police and Army are unable to secure the borders. Thailand doesn’t need the government to have more excuses for further lockdowns. Not concerned about the political consequences as it’s fairly easy to isolate a country from them. Reduction in trade isn’t a big issue.

Paul-Hi. Paul from Pattaya, Yes there is a concern naturally regarding people coming over illegally from Myanmar, but what seems to be more of a problem are the number of organized taxi runs from Cambodia for 5000baht, stamped passport by Thai border Police, no covid test and straight into an illegal job the next day. There are numerous online dating sites where these people then appear under the section (NEW FACES) so not really difficult to find, and then they launch themselves into online sex for sale, many with HIV and practicing unprotected sex, not on medication because as a foreigner they do not qualify for free HIV medication, and not having been covid tested. The online sex sites are full of migrants who are trying to escape their own political situations but are bringing unregulated problems to unprecedented proportions. Thailand has gone to the trouble of banning many sex sites. It needs to go further banning the dating sites which are used for nothing more than pedaling sex and disease online.

Kevin W-It appears for now that it won’t. Not that I believe the press but the problem regarding any refugees seems to be minimal. Thailand says they’re willing to take care of them, but I’m not sure that’s what’s reflected on the ground. As long as any military problem stays within Myanmar things shouldn’t be too bad. I just hope it can be worked out peaceably somehow.
Tony J-I predict thousands will flood over the border, bringing covid with them, which in turn will lead to new lockdowns, which seems inevitable
 Michael K-It impacts Thailand already!
  Hans-No. There is propaganda on both sides and the country has been a mess long before this with so many armed ethnic groups who all have problems with each other and have been at war with the army for decades. There wasn’t real democracy the past few years and won’t be now either. Certain groups are stirring the pot, sure, but not for democracy.
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