Bangkok police reveal reason for re-arresting Pro-democracy volunteer guard leader Toto

Bangkok, Thailand-

Bangkok police revealed the reason for re-arresting pro-democracy protest volunteer guard leader “Toto” last night after being released on bail, as we reported last night here.

Mr. Piyarat Chongthep, Toto, 28, was arrested by police from the Prachachuen Police Station shortly after being released from prison last night, causing many of his supporters to gather at the police station and protest the action. Police responded by blocking all entrances to the station and utilizing crowd control measures to keep protesters from potentially breaching the police station.

Maj. Gen. Sukun Phonmun, Deputy Director of the Royal Thai Army, revealed today the exact reasons for the arrest of Toto immediately after getting bail, stating that Toto had other charges to answer for. Sukun stated that Toto had an active arrest warrant in the Kalasin province for alleged offenses of Lese Majeste and the computer crimes act.

This warrant dates back to January 23rd, according to Sukun, for allegedly posting material on social media that violated Thai law, including around the Covid-19 vaccines.

Toto remains in custody as of this weekend and has not been granted bail after being arrested by authorities immediately after his previous release. This has led to several protests being called this weekend by pro-democracy protesters, with Bangkok police warning that any mass assembly or rally in Bangkok is against Thai law due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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